BPS is hiring bus drivers! Bus driver salaries will be increasing for the 21-22 school year. Training pay is increasing from $11.83 to $13.91 per hour and contracted pay is increasing from $12.01 to $14.09 per hour. Apply at applitrack.com/bpsok/onlineapp. #bvillebruwin
over 1 year ago, BPSD
bus drivers
BPSD meals for Friday, 2/19 will be delivered to parking lots and some home addresses as on Tuesday. See BPSLEARN.COM for locations and times, etc.
over 1 year ago, BPSD
Child Nutrition
Due to severe cold, Distance Learning will continue for Bartlesville Public Schools on Friday. Elementary students should complete through day 9 in the inclement weather packets. No scheduled Google Meets for grades 6-12, but do online assignments in Canvas.
over 1 year ago, BPSD
Distance Learning through Friday
Distance learning support is at BPSLEARN.COM
almost 2 years ago, BPSD